Red Tiger Eye – Dragon’s eye

Red Tiger Eye – Dragon’s eye

The Red Tiger’s Eye

 The darker side of the Tiger’s Eye gemstone that brings in power, control, and dominance into your life…

The Red Tiger’s eye is a dark red stone which has both light and dark lines running through it. It’s also known as the Dragon’s Eye. The stone belongs to the oxide mineral class and the quartz group. It can be found in South Africa, India, Canada, Brazil, the USA and so on.

What’s more interesting is that it’s been used for thousands of years, ever since the ancient Egyptians first discovered the Tiger’s Eye.

The Tiger’s Eye is also known as the lighter version of the two, whereas the Red Tiger’s Eye is known to utilize forces from darker spirituality in order to impact our lives and the physical world.

The Red Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating gemstone and will give you inspiration and motivation in all areas of life – the ancient Egyptians used it in rituals that they said brought real power from the spiritual realm into our world.

If you lead a busy or chaotic life, the Red Tiger’s Eye will keep you relaxed, centered, and in control. Because of its power no matter where you are, with who you’re and whatever you’re doing, you feel at peace and harmony.

The energies of the stone will enable your productivity, so you complete all your tasks with energy, enthusiasm, and ease.

The Red Tiger’s Eye will boost your confidence so you can do anything, fulfill any role, perform any task, and speak to anyone, without feeling uncomfortable, or out of control.

This powerful crystal will ensure that you stay grounded and have all the skills you need to survive in this cruel world. That’s why it’s known as the stone of control and survival in many ancient cultures.

The Red Tiger’s Eye will protect you from being in situations where you need to sacrifice your integrity and also promote self-care and self-love. You will finally start doing what’s best for you and those around you, and love yourself even more for that.

You will have the focus to engage in pursuits which will make you a better, wiser and stronger human being. You will have a healthy passion for any project or pursuit you take on. Your mind will be occupied with thoughts on how to improve, so you no longer worry about other people’s opinions.

You will start feeling more creative and can do things you have never done before.

On the other side, when you need to slow down and take a breath, The Red Tiger’s Eye will help you relax and remain in control of your body and mind in any situation.

You will have more clarity as the stone will balance the good and the bad aspects of yourself, which you enhance your spirituality.


How Will The Red Tiger’s Eye Impact Us?

  • Health

The stone’s energy is believed to be very effective against blood disorders such as anemia, and it can also help in the treatment of eye infections and enhances night vision.

Red Tiger’s Eye will accelerate your metabolism and give you physical strength and vitality.

It’s also very useful in relieving congestion in the digestive system. The stone’s powers will relieve your pains and improve your sexual performance.

The energies of the Red Tiger’s Eye will strengthen your bones, muscles, and teeth.

The stone is recommended for everyone who suffers from health conditions, or it’s in the post-surgery period because the crystal will calm your health and speed up your recovery to good health.

  • Wealth

Red Tiger’s Eye is for anyone who is in pursuit of long-lasting wealth. It will add passion and vitality to anything you’re working on and encourage you to make practical decisions and choices. You will become more creative and resourceful and be able to achieve great things using limited resources.

You will have no more commitment issues as the stone will strengthen your willpower, so you keep working on your dreams and overcome the upcoming challenges.

You will be filled with energy and enthusiasm, and won’t run out of self-confidence and positivity. It will keep your motivation high and enable you to live in abundance and prosperity.

You will start enjoying good fortune and luck. Red Tiger’s Eye can attract wealth, so keep it close to your wallet to keep the money flow.

  • Love and Relationships

The stone is excellent for people who want to have a more active sex life. The Red Tiger’s Eye will help you manifest your sexual ideas, desires, and fantasies. It will provide you with much-needed answers to resolve your sexual issues and find the root cause of the problem. The Red Tiger's Eye will boost your confidence and self-esteem and enable you to feel attractive and proud of yourself.

The stone will improve your physical, emotional and spiritual connection to your partner. Your relationships will only get better with the guidance of the Red Tiger’s Eye.

You will be able to receive and at the same time give more love. The stone will balance the relationship with your significant other.

Your life will be way more fun, and you will be able to share a lot of life-changing moments.

Any challenge you face in your love life, you will be able to overcome it and experience emotional healing, becoming a better person in the process.

The guidance of the stone will show you when it’s the right time to do something good for you or your relationship. You will have the clarity to see and plan ahead of time. That will enable your focus and help you concentrate on the things that matter in your relationship.

You will be more passion for your partner and relationship and enable you to create unique and unforgettable moments with the person you love.

Once you start wearing the crystal, it becomes your best friend. It will provide you with much-needed wisdom and guidance, so you overcome difficult moments. Make sure you’re never without it!

Whether you’re going to awkward first date, stressful client meeting, or nerve-wracking public performance, keeping this stone close to you will help you harness its loving and stabilizing energies.

Having this stone close will help you manifest your sexual fantasies into reality. You will no longer have sexual issues affecting your relationship. Your libido and sex drive will be boosted so you can always perform your best.

GT Collection’s Red Tiger Eye Accessories

GT Collection took the opportunity to take the dominant powers of the Red Tiger’s Eye and engulf them in the world’s top fashion accessory trends, in order to bring you an accessory line that will not only look good, but bring a spiritual benefit and connection in your life.

The stone will keep you motivated in everything you do, and you will be filled with passion. Whenever you feel lazy or lethargic, the crystal will “wake you up” and get you on your path to success. You will only attract good luck and fortune in your life, so enjoy it. The stone will help you be more sympathetic and compassionate to the people you love. You will finally let go of the thoughts that you are not worthy of love. It will reinforce a healthy and positive self-image and help you enjoy yourself for the person you are.

The important thing is that we keep it close to us as long as possible.

Not all the time – but enough to bring the aura of the gem into our life so we can constantly utilize it without even knowing.

But beware – the Red Tiger’s Eye is a really powerful stone. If you’re looking for something more guided toward the light and don’t want to experiment with gems used in dark magic rituals, stick to the traditional Tiger’s Eye.

But for those of you who want full control, and want to feel dominant energy flowing through them at all times…

We have created an entire Red Tiger’s Eye product line. We know how many people struggle with personal and relationship issues, and we want this to stop. We want to be a brand which enables people to be the best versions of themselves. That’s our goal and mission – to bring your attention to these ancient powers, and create accessories that look amazing, and keep these auras near you at all times.

We have crafted bracelets and necklaces with Red Tiger’s eye in a way which will help you get the most out of the stone. You will be able to harness its powers and express your personality while doing it. You will appear classy and stylish in any social setting, so you draw the attention to you in a positive way.

Plus… they’re a great conversation starter.

If power and control is something you want in your life, make sure to check out our Red Tiger’s eye product line, choose a product, and keep it near you all the time – at least for a week.

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