Men’s Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

Men’s Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

In olden times, it has been believed by the kings of ancient Egypt that spiritual enlightenment begins within oneself. To awaken their true self and find the real destiny, they used to use the Lapis Lazuli stone. Individuals have a lot of expectations from this beautiful crystal stone. But when you know it's the real ability, you will get amazed for sure. It has the ability to heal your soul and throw a great influence in your life. The color of the Lapis Lazuli Stone is pure watery blue that represents self-awareness. Therefore, people like to wear ornaments of this stone-like a lapis lazuli bracelet, etc.

As a matter of fact, Lapis Lazuli is one of the most influential stones in entire history. Moreover, the blue color of this precious stone symbolizes truth and wisdom. Also, it stands fifth in the real breastplate of the High Priest. Numerous ornaments are designing using this beautiful stone, including bracelets, rings, etc. People also believe that this stone keeps negative thoughts away and fills them with inner peace. Men or women are very crazy about lapis lazuli bracelets and rings. They rush into the stores to find the best one for them. Continue reading if you want to get more information about lapis lazuli stone and its ornaments.

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Why do People like to Use Women’s or Men’s Lapis Lazuli Bracelet?

At the very first point, people fall in love with lapis lazuli bracelets as it looks beautiful in blue color. Besides, this stone connects with the belief of the people. From ancient times, people believe that it is a stone of great value that delivers a feeling of harmony and peace. Furthermore, it is not only beautiful in appearance but also encourages your sense of truth. It lets you get the experience of true enlightenment. These are the reasons why people are using these stones and their ornaments for thousands of years.

How Can Lapis Lazuli Stone Be Beneficial For You?

As per the belief of the people, the Lapis Lazuli stone offers a lot of benefits. Do you want to check how? You can keep on reading ahead.

Contributes to Healing and Health

People like to wear lapis lazuli bracelet or ring to have a healthy body along with a piece of mind. It makes your mind powerful to face the everyday challenges of life. Hence, it boosts your creativity as well as productivity to get things done in a day to day life. Lapis lazuli stone will not only help you to enhance your concentration but also to make your mind completely quiet. With an increase in your concentration, you can plan your day in a better way. In addition, it helps to get instant pain relief from vertigo, body pains, headaches, and PMS. People like to use lapis lazuli bracelets or rings to become stress-free and relaxed for the next day.

Contributes to Wealth and Fortune

Wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet or ring helps you to draw great things to your life, such as fortune and luck. The blue gemstone works well when it comes to transforming negative thoughts into positive thoughts. This way, you will get more positive energy and achieve a lot of success for sure. People who are depressed in their life can make use of a beautiful lapis lazuli bracelet or ring.

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Contributes to Love and Relationships

You can gift lapis lazuli bracelets to your loved ones. It has been initially found that the lapis lazuli bracelet is the best friend of women. Men or women wear it to achieve emotional healing, love, and wisdom as well. Moreover, it offers enough confidence and courage to go behind the one you want or love. Also, it attracts many people emotionally and with its beautiful appearance. This stone will help you to make sure in your mind what you want and how to get it.

GT collection - Men’s Lapis Lazuli Bracelets


What Are the Other Benefits of Wearing Lapis Lazuli Stone?

As Lapis Lazuli stone looks beautiful, everyone likes to wear it. One can find a variety of ornaments made of Lapis Lazuli like a ring, necklace, bracelets, and so on in the market. Also, people’s belief is deeply connected with this beautiful blue stone. When it is about its other benefits, it helps you to overcome your shyness. It fills you with the love and warmth of the stone. This stone would enable you to get out of the home and get social with the people. As it boosts the confidence in you, it will let you free to talk to the public without any issue.

Helpful in Traumatic Conditions

If you are going through traumatic experiences, this stone will offer you enough courage and strength to overcome the condition. If you wear lapis lazuli bracelets or rings, it will provide you with mental clarity, openness, and honesty. There will be no secrets between life or loving partners anymore. It will open up everything between both of you. This stone will keep your heart pure so that you will not be able to hurt the one you love. Definitely, it will fill your love life with light. It will bring an actual spark between the partners in the bedroom and bring them much closer than ever.

Helpful for Anger

Folks find more interest in wearing the lapis lazuli bracelet as it looks beautiful on the wrist. It also enhances mood. If you are a short-tempered person, you can control your temper with the use of these stones. Even if you do not get the support of your partner, you will be kind to him or her. It gives you a sense of more patience and understanding power towards your close ones. You will be entirely a different and calm person as you start using this stone in your life.

Helpful for Personal Life

Apart from these benefits, it contributes a lot to your personal life. If you value true friendship in your life, then you should have this stone or its ornaments with you. It grows loyalty, love, and joy in relationships. While using lapis lazuli bracelets or rings, you will feel the strength of the stone in your life. You will know how it strengthens your relationship, changes your behavior, and transforms you into a completely different person. You no more need to impress and prove yourself to others. With the use of this gemstone, you will start loving yourself more and more. You will only draw the attention of positive-thinking and like-minded people towards you.

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How Lapis Lazuli Stone Brings Spark in Couples?

Lapis Lazuli stone is quite ideal for couples as it brings them more closer and strengthens their love. Moreover, it lets them share their feelings with each other. Couples who wear lapis lazuli bracelet gets ready to make changes, try new things, and compromise for their love partner. Also, it will assist you in recognizing your inner talents and truths. Using this stone, you can develop an understanding mentality in you, which will help you to understand everyone around you.

Besides, it allows you to work peacefully in your current situation and lead a happy life. As the stone gives you enough confidence, it will let you take complete charge of your love life. The power of lapis lazuli allows you to attract everything you want in your love life. Above all, you will be a stronger person who can take up every challenge of life.

GT collection - Men’s Lapis Lazuli Bracelets

How Can You Make Use of Lapis Lazuli Stone Efficiently?

The most stylish and effective way to use this stone is to wear it as a lapis lazuli bracelet. However, you can even wear it as a ring or necklace, or put it in your pocket or anywhere else. It should be close to you, that’s it. As it is truly beautiful and elegant, the most convenient way is to wear it as a lapis lazuli bracelet. You can even keep this stone in distinct places in your house by taking your goals into consideration. If you want wealth or profit, you can place it in the southeast part of your office or house. If you want a better job, promotion, or career advancement, you should place it on the north side. Similarly, it should be placed in the east part of your home when it comes to any health concerns.

As already mentioned above, it is a very powerful stone and is usually available in deep blue color. Furthermore, it seems to be a bit more expensive as compared to other stones. Till now, you have come to know that lapis lazuli is a solution to many problems with no doubt. The entire solution relies on its healing properties, which is why most people believe in these stones. When you wear a lapis lazuli bracelet, you can stand out and draw the attention of the crowd. Wearing a bracelet, you will not only enhance your beauty but bring positive energies and their healing properties in life. Wear this blue crystal ornament and be the master of your life.

How Lapis Lazuli Stone Contributes in Other Areas of Life?

Lapis Lazuli stone has a huge impact in other areas of life like astrology and birthstone. Let us check out how it plays a role in astrology and as birthstone right below:

In Vedic astrology, it is Jupiter that rules Lapis Lazuli gemstone. It is the biggest planet in the whole universe, and it offers Raj Yog to the people who wear it. This gemstone is astrologically or spiritually very strong. It can bring a lot of good luck in the life of people who use it. Furthermore, it can gift you tremendous growth, wealth, fame, wisdom, and success in your professional as well as personal life. However, it is only possible if it is placed in the right zodiac sign or house. But it should not be kept in a malefic condition as it will put you in misfortune, diseases, and loss.

When it comes to using it as a birthstone, it is better for the one who was born in September. Men or women born in this month usually wear it as a lapis lazuli bracelet or ring. It brings various benefits to their life. In addition, it is recognized as the stone of the 9th anniversary. While buying lapis lazuli gemstones, you should be careful about buying the original gemstone. There is a huge difference between real Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite gemstone does not produce any results.

How to Look After Your Lapis Lazuli Gemstones?

This precious gemstone is very advantageous to people with problems in their life. As it contributes to your life is a great way, it is your responsibility to take care of your lapis lazuli gemstones. This stone might carry negative energies, and it needs to be properly detoxified. It can be done by immersing it in water overnight and keep it in a glass bowl for another night. You can wash the original lapis lazuli stone in running water and then wipe it with a clean, soft cloth.


Now you might have understood why people like to use this gemstone from ancient times because it actually works. Even though it is a creation of a man, it has proved its power to millions of people and transformed their relationships as well as lives for the better. Lapis lazuli bracelet is beautifully designed to optimize the stone power while making you look good. Definitely, the bracelet will attract the crowd in public for the right purpose.

You can use the lapis lazuli bracelet daily and bring great results. No matter if you are wearing casuals, formals, or traditional, you can wear a lapis lazuli bracelet or ring in your everyday looks. By taking all the advantages of this gemstone into consideration, it is up to you whether you want to experience it or not. If you decide to have it, you can discover the real changes in you and grab the real happiness in your life.

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