Fascinating Tiger Eye

Fascinating Tiger Eye

Fascinating Tiger Eye

 The ancient stone Egyptians used to connect with the Gods…
And how it can help us bring balance, health, and wealth into our life.


The Tiger’s eye is mysterious and powerful ancient talisman referred to as an “all-seeing, all-knowing eye.”

The Egyptians believed it expresses divine vision and provides the protection of both Ra (the God of the sun) and Geb (the God of the growing land).

In Eastern mythology, the Tiger’s eye was thought to give man courage, integrity, and power. Roman soldiers used it to deflect weapons and to provide themselves with bravery in battle. Throughout history, the Tiger’s eye was regarded as a stone of prosperity and fortune.

The stone is still as captivating as it was in the past. It brings stability and awareness to the people who wear it. The Tiger’s eye has the power to bring balance to your life and provide you with an understanding of the world that surrounds you. It brings clarity and peace of mind, so you make better choices and decisions in your life.

There are a variety of Tiger’s eye variations in the world. They all share the same general properties with a few additional ones for every specific type. 

  1. The Tiger’s Eye quartz

The Tiger’s Eye quartz can also be referred to as the Cat’s eye quartz. It’s engulfed in rich layers of gold and brown. It has straight fibers which are lying in the same direction, creating a single band of light across the stone. It may form in a wide variety of colors – white, gray, green, yellow or brown.

The Egyptians thought it was the most powerful talisman of abundance and protection against evil. It allowed them to become “invisible.” The Tiger’s eye has enormous benefits for children, as it accelerates the healing of illness, helps them concentrate better when studying, and also gives them a sense of security and courage. Children will experience great harmony within a group or family, so they can be more confident when they are out in the world.

  1. The Falcon’s Eye

Another variation of the Tiger’s eye is the Falcon’s eye. It is considered the most authoritative of the eye stones as it gives protection from malice and jealousy, and provides deeper awareness so one can see the bigger picture. The Falcon’s eye will help you to remain grounded during tough situations and bring you perspective. This stone can be your guide through your life journey.

  1. The Bull’s Eye

The red variation of the Tiger’s Eye is called the Bull’s Eye. It’s a powerful tool for increasing one’s inner strength, courage, and self-confidence so you can take full control of your internal power. The Bull’s eye is a sharp stone as it unblocks creativity, enthusiasm, and motivation. It gives one the determination and the ability to turn ideas into action. There are also some health benefits – it can speed up a slow metabolism and increase your sexual drive.

How do we utilize the power of the Tiger’s Eye in our life?

The fully comprehend and experience the power of this ancient talisman, we need to keep it close to ourselves at all times.

From a vast variety of health, mindset, and lifestyle benefits, a few seem to be reported commonly by people who keep the Tiger’s Eye near.

The best thing you’re going to get from wearing the Tiger’s eye is the wisdom to look deeper into any situation – you will understand the cause and the effect and know how to handle it. You have more willpower, and you will be able to take more action so you can reach your goals.

The Tiger’s eye is an amazing tool for people who want to be more creative and productive as it stimulates creativity and the ability to execute more.

We all know - success in life is all about timing. The Tiger’s eye will give you the ability to focus on your strategy and help you grab the right opportunity at the right time – that’s why Roman strategists were given sword handles to craft their swords that had the Tiger’s Eye stone held within.

The gem brings balance into our lives and gives us a clear perspective – instead of competing with others to stay on top, you should focus on living a life on your terms.

The Tiger’s eye gemstone can act as your spiritual guide, giving you the strength to face the challenges standing in front. It will transform your mindset, so you no longer dream about your perfect life, and you start taking action towards really living it.

Great things happen outside of your comfort zone, and tiger’s eye will give you the chance to grow, change and transform yourself. You will have the power to plow through all these character building moments when you have to shine, just because you will hold the power of tiger’s eye in your hand.

The road to your dreams and crushing your roadblocks lie in the Tiger’s eye power ancient qualities.

Why (and how) should you use it?

The Tiger’s Eye is referred to as the money stone because its gold and brown mixture of color resembles a rich, luxurious tone and gives you the motivation to take action. It's best to keep the gem in your office space or studio so you can use it as an inspiration when you get stuck in a negative thought pattern. Whenever you feel stuck, hold your Tiger’s eye in your hand and let it spark your creative drive.

By wearing it as a bracelet or necklace, you can fully harness the spiritual qualities of this stone without even thinking about it.

The Tiger’s eye is a great stone to pair with your favorite quartz or crystal, and it will amplify and boost its energies.

It’s the go-to stone for everybody who is trying to put his life in order, as the stone brings balance and harmony into one’s life.

Tiger’s eye is stone recommended for everybody who experiences a lot of fear and anxiety. It will give you the much-needed courage, strength of mind, and confidence so you can welcome the challenges of your life.

You will be able to accomplish your goals because the stone will enhance your focus and creativity. You feel more fulfilled as you will have a better sense of your self-worth, be filled with confidence and optimism and all the feeling of lack will disappear.

You will be able to spark change around you as you will be able to help and inspire others with your progress, making the world a better place in the process.

Traditionally, The Tiger’s eye is used as a protection amulet against curses. It will also give you the ability to make better use of your natural talents and gifts.

Wearing tiger’s eye as jewelry is the best way to use it. The closer you keep it to your heart and head, the more effective it will be.

The best ways to wear it are as a ring, bracelet, or necklace, so it’s always close to your heart and body.

You can also keep it in your purse or pocket, so you feel its healing vibrations. Whenever you pray or meditate you can hold tiger’s eye in your hands, so you feel its powers.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like carrying around or wearing jewelry, you can put it your house or office space, so whenever you are in that place, you feel warm and love.

GT’s Tiger Eye Accessories Collection

If you want to always keep a piece of Tiger’s eye close, and turn it into a fashionable accessory that draws attention, and that you can always use to spark a conversation…

GT Collection has created many products with embedded Tiger’s eye which varies from necklaces and bundles to classy bracelets. They are hand-made and designed for you so that you can harness the power of the stone, and use its ancient historical value to start conversations, tell a captivating story about your bracelet or necklace, or turn yourself into the center of attention in any social setting.

However, that’s not all. We are focused on creating spiritually powerful accessories which also capture the very top of the world’s accessory fashion trends, so that we can bring you the best of both worlds.

We have crafted an entire Tiger’s Eye collection which will help you not only experience the influence of the gem but look good doing it.

The accessories are made with the idea to complement your style and uniqueness so that you will stand out and be cemented into the minds of those around you.

If you are interested, you can take a look into our Tiger’s Eye collection and begin the journey to reaching your full potential.

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