CEO & Founder at GT collection

CEO & Founder at GT collection


My name is Gasper Tratnik and I'm founder of GT collection.

I created GT Collection to help inspire and bring confidence to men and women worldwide by always staying on top of the world’s trending accessory fashion.

Working in the fashion industry since 2013, I got to travel to a lot of places…
From Italy and Spain to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong, I never stopped exposing myself to different cultures, lifestyles, and traditions.

When I was staying in Hong Kong, I had a chance to meet my idol David Gandy, the most successful male model. That time he launched his personal brand together with Marks & Spencer. David gave me some very useful tips and this was also the main reason why I started my personal brand.

That’s why I created GT Collection – striving to bring high quality, cultural concepts and beliefs, and the latest trends together so you can feel confident, look good, and make a statement that complements your personality.

I had a vision for mixing fashion and culture, creating something that looks amazing and trendy, but still has a ton of cultural history behind it, enriching the experience and giving meaning to every notion and idea in it.
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Thank you and please feel free to reach out anytime by mail.

Gasper Tratnik

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