7 Steps On How To Create Your Gemstone Bracelet In Less Than 60 Minutes

7 Steps On How To Create Your Gemstone Bracelet In Less Than 60 Minutes

7 Steps On How To Create Your Gemstone Bracelet In Less Than 60 Minutes


We cannot deny the importance and significance of jewelry, whether it is for a vibrant and fancy occasion, or just to upgrade an average everyday outfit. Especially when it comes to everyday jewelry with a bit of personalized touch and color, one’s mind (and heart) always goes to gemstone jewelry. Gemstone bracelets are the classiest way of adding a personal essence and taste to your looks and make an amazing fashion statement. Though gemstone jewelry is commonly available, it may be quite expensive sometimes. And, some might find that the bracelets already available are just not according to their preferences. So, you can make your own! Yes, you can make your gemstone bracelets and make them just right. They will be up to the mark of your expectations and won’t cost you too much time. Here are 7 steps on how to create your gemstone bracelet in less than 60 minutes.

Step #1 Gathering Your Materials To Make Your Gemstone Jewelry:

The first thing to make any kind of jewelry is gathering the necessary supplies. Gemstones are expensive and you need to make sure you are using the highest quality material along with the gemstones. It's better to have all your supplies at hand than rushing to the markets leaving your project midway. Therefore, we have created a detailed list of everything you might need while

making your gemstones jewelry at home. 

#1 Gold or silver chains.

#2 Gold or silver jewelry links.

#3 Gold or silver hooks.

#4 Safety pliers.

#5 Jewelry scissors.

#6 Gemstone adhesive.

#7 Jewelry locks.

#8 Polish for precious metals.

#9 Of course, we can’t forget gemstones when you are making gemstone jewelry.

#10 Other accessories.

 You can easily get these supplies at any high end craft stores or jewelry shops. For online buyers, these products can be ordered through several websites like Amazon, Etsy, etc.

Step #2 Have A Clear Decision And Picture Of The Design That You Want:

Now that you have all your supplies gathered, it is time to get started with your project. The most important thing is to have a clear picture of the design that you want. Whether it is a print out if a picture that you got from Pinterest or a proper jewelry sketch that you want to DIY. This will help you save your tail from any last minute mistakes and you'll end up with a jewelry item that looks exactly like you planned in your head.

Step #3 Carve A Base Or Cage For Your Jewelry With The Chosen Wires Or Metals:

Start by working with the wires and metals and make a cage for the gemstones. Once you are done with the whole structure of the jewelry piece you have designed, polish it nicely using a good quality jewelry polish. Working with pliers, jewelry scissors can dull down the look of the metals. It is best to bring back the shine with the help of a jewelry polish on a soft microfiber cloth. Make sure that the polish is made for the metals you are using as each metal is required to be treated with different care products.

Step #4: Attach The Gemstones To The Jewelry Base With An Adhesive:

Place the gemstones on the metal using a strong glue, preferably adhesives that are specifically made for making jewelry with gemstones. They will secure the precious gemstones in place and will prevent them from accidentally falling. Make sure you place the relevant stones together. Some gemstones do not work together so make sure to not use these gemstones in the same piece of jewelry. There is a whole science behind which gemstone to pair with which, so do your research before making your jewelry for the best results.

Step #5 Put Them Together And Add Accessories To Upgrade The Look:

Once you are done, attach the hooks or locks (according to whatever is needed and what style of the jewelry piece you are making) to finish off your jewelry set. You can add a few accessories to your jewelry like metallic tassels, and glass beads to make your jewelry stand out even more. Secure everything with pliers, in the end, to make sure no piece of jewelry is loose or dangling unnecessarily.

Step #6 Polish Your Brand New Gemstone Jewelry:

Once you have all the metals and wires and gemstones and accessories together, you might think that you are done and the beautiful gemstone bracelet is ready to be worn so that you can decorate your looks but hold on right there, but the bracelet is not ready to catch the spotlight just yet. What you must do before you put the bracelet on is polish it with the right kind of product, because the bracelet contains a mix of metals, gemstones, and other accessories, so it is going to need some special care and attention to not tarnish or decrease in quality. So, before it is finalized, make sure to polish your brand new gemstone jewelry to give it the best sheen that will leave everyone in awe.

Step #7 Protect Your Gemstone Jewelry To Make It Last Longer:

Since you have spent your time, money, and effort into crafting your very own gemstone jewelry that you have been dreaming about for quite some time now, you definitely would not want it to break down and discard it after a couple of uses. Surely you would want that your precious gemstone bracelet stays with you for a long time and hold you up when the time comes to find the perfect piece of jewelry to state your style in a classic way all the while saving your time and effort. Plus, you must have made it with so much love so it will be extra precious to you. That is exactly why it needs all the extra care and protection to prevent it from losing its specialty, and from losing its beauty

 as time passes and you wear it more and more. And what if you accidentally end up getting a scratch or scuff mark on it? Nobody wants that, right? Well, don’t you worry because you can put a stop to that and save your gemstone bracelet by spraying or coating it with special protection sprays or polishes, which will not only protect it from getting damaged or dull, thus increasing its lifespan, but will also give it a wonderful shine that can rival the stars?

There you have it, your very own handmade gemstone jewelry that you flaunt with various outfits and instantly upgrade your look. We all know that gemstone jewelry holds more value than other jewelry items because of the unique beauty and lavishness each stone provides. What’s more is that gemstones, if in the form of birthstones, are also unique to each person. It gives them a sense of personal style and identity, and something cool to associate themselves with. Speaking of birthstones, let's discuss a little about these wonderful gems that are trending everywhere these days. 

#1 January: Those born in January hold the ravishing red Garnet stone

#2 February: February born people can associate themselves with the enchanting purple Amethyst.

#3 March: People born in March get for themselves a light Aquamarine.

#4 April: Born in April? Here’s a Diamond for you!

#5 May: The deep green Emerald for May born people will be a vibrant summer accessory.

#6 June: June born people get a bunch of classy points with Sea Pearl as their birthstone.

#7 July: Deep red and sultry, the Ruby stone is perfect for those born in July.

#8 August: The August people get a lovely, light shade of green with the Peridot.

#9 September: If you are born in September, your birthstone is the ultimately gorgeous deep blue Sapphire.

#10 October: October born people are lucky in terms of color because they get the beautiful multicolored Opal as their birthstone.

#11 November: Fruity and cute, the Citrine stone is ready to grace the looks of November born people.

#12 December: Those born in the cool and wintery month of December get an equally cool and wintery indigo blue Tanzanite as their birthstone. Perfect winter season accessory!

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